Turnkey Solar Solutions

We have what it takes to deliver high quality solar installations.

Our Solutions

Designed to Deliver Clean Energy.

BIPV Solutions
BIPV systems are incorporated into the building’s exterior as key elements. We provide a wide range of BIPV systems for commercial buildings. Our BIPV solutions are sourced from the best contractors and suppliers in the market. In addition, our services include energy savings and performance value engineering, bid management, and energy audits.
BAPV Solutions
We provide Building Applied Photovoltaics solutions that allow you to add new elements to the basic building shape, in order to harvest solar energy.
Turnkey Solar Solutions
A complete spectrum of services from concept to commissioning, operation and maintenance of your Solar Project.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Agreement
Under such an agreement, ALEC Energy will conduct the engineering, procurement, construction, and handover the solar power plant to the client on a lump sump contract basis.
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"Creativity and innovation are about finding unexpected solutions to obvious problems or finding obvious solutions to unexpected problems."

Basar Kayali - General Manager, ALEC energy

Our Wide network

We have established exclusive partnerships with BIPV and BAPV suppliers, to ensure that the architectural design intent of the project can be met, whilst still being sustainable and energy efficient. Along with our solar façade offering, we also offer conventional solar installations.