Lease Agreement

Under such an agreement, ALEC Energy will conduct the design, engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of the power plant for the lease period with no investment required by the client. ALEC Energy would charge the client for the amount of electricity generated by Solar Power Plant each month at a discounted price to that of DEWA. After the lease period, the complete system ownership transferred to the client at no cost.

  • Installed Capacity : Should be greater than 2MWp
  • EPC Price : 0
  • Monthly Tariff : A discount to DEWA rate of 0.445 AED/kWh (Size dependent)
  • Lease Period : 20 years (Negotiable)

  • Together with our financial partner, there is no capital investment required
  • % savings on DEWA bill from the start-up of solar power plant until the end of the agreement
  • Clients own the power plant after the lease period at no extra cost
  • No experience required in the operation of PV Plants
  • Roof warranty against damage due to solar is intact as ALEC Energy covers it
  • No need for an O&M Team